10 Cavaliers That Need Furever Homes

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Considering adding a new member to your pack this year? Ever think about adopting? There are thousands of Cavs in rescue across the globe searching for their furever homes, and you may be the family they've been waiting for.

Rescuing one of these little wiggly-butt smooch-faces will change your life just as much as you'll change theirs. Scroll through and have a peek at some love bugs with Cavalier Rescue USA that caught our eye.

****** CavLife is not a rescue. We are just lending a paw in helping Cavs find loving homes. Please contact Cavalier Rescue USA with any questions ******

Valentino in Thousand Oaks, CA

Introducing, Valentino! This handsome boy will be 2-years-old this month. He  had a rough start in life after a skull fracture at 17-weeks-old was incurred by a large dog and required surgery. Following his recovery from the injury and surgery, Valentino has seizure episodes. The medications prescribed to control the effects have helped greatly. 

Valentino has seen a neurologist after coming into rescue and is now on a combination of medications that have reduced the seizures. The goal is to get them completely under control and he is doing better every day. Medications may need adjustment from time to time to ensure they are effective. At his comprehensive exam, the vet said his heart, ears, eyes, patellas and hips are all good.
Valentino is a typical puppy, he loves to run and play and loves his toys. He enjoys being with his spaniel foster brothers and he will engage in an occasional game of tug.  Exploring the back yard and napping in the sun are his favorite pastimes. He can be shy about being handled, until he gets to know and trust you, but when does, he will want to sit in your lap every evening for cuddle time.

If you can provide for Valentino’s needs and are interested in adopting this charming and affectionate youngster, please email Donna at d_beirne@yahoo.com

Dani and Dash in Export, PA

Meet Dani and Dash. This sweet pair came to Cavalier Rescue USA because of their owner's increased traveling schedule. They have been a delight in foster care.

Dani is a quiet seven-year-old Black and Tan girl weighing around 19 lbs. She prefers lying in her cage or relaxing on the couch. She usually finds a favorite spot to claim in the house. She likes to keep to herself or next to Dash. Her previous owner stated she is deaf but while in foster care it was has noticed she can hear some sounds in her left ear.

Dash is a 6-year-old Blenheim weighing in about 20 lbs. He  loves to cuddle, sit on your lap and enjoys tummy rubs. He will lay on his back and just soak up the attention. 

Dash has a bit of anxiety with new situations and car rides. He needs reassurance and being with Dani helps to calm him. He is potty trained and will let you know when he needs to go outside. The ideal home would be a home without a cat. Dash is very protective of Dani around new dogs. In his foster home though he does well with his canine foster siblings.

If you are interested in this pair of Cavaliers, please contact Melissa MacMullin at cavalierrescueusapa@gmail.com to let her know of your interest.

Jenny in Malvern, PA

Meet Jenny, a sweet 1-year-old tri-color Cavalier. She had a rough start in life, and came to rescue very nervous and scared of everything. She has made considerable progress over the last few months with her foster family, however will require a very patient and determined forever home to earn her trust and help her to overcome her fears.

Jenny has a very fun and playful side. She enjoys the company of other small dogs. She also loves to get treats with the pack and enjoys running through the house, up and down the stairs. She would prefer a playful sister or brother, who is not only gentle but will help her learn how to have more fun! She loves to wag her tail, bounce around, and receive belly rubs.

If you are interested in adopting Jenny, please contact Melissa MacMullin at cavalierrescueusapa@gmail.com to let her know of your interest.

Paisley and Blossom in Climax, NC

Introducing Paisley & Blossom! These girls are 4-year-old, bonded litter mates and are just as sweet and adorable as their names are! They were surrendered to us by their former family, who could no longer provide the girls with the love and attention they need. Both girls are spayed, microchipped, current on vaccines, and on heart worm and flea meds.   

These two are quintessential Cavaliers! They are total love bugs and want nothing more than to be with their people. 

Blossom has a grade IV luxating patella on her left rear leg, which doesn’t currently require surgery.  She has no problem climbing stairs, jumping on furniture, and even running full speed!  Because of her knee, it’s imperative that her new owner continue with her diet restriction to help her lose and keep off unneeded weight. Her mobility has greatly increased with the few pounds she’s already lost, so we imagine that will continue to improve as she loses more weight. 

Paisley is the petite, cute little ruby. This tiny girl is a sweet as they come. She’s a quiet little gal that follows her foster mom everywhere, waiting for her to sit down, so she can hop in her lap.  Her foster mom cannot sit down without Paisley throwing her puppy eyes on and demanding a spot!  She loves to snuggle and gives the tiniest little kisses.  

If you are interested in adopting these sweet girls and are within a reasonable driving distance to Climax, NC, please notify Angie Hansing of your interest, by emailing her at nccavalierrescuemom@gmail.com

Toby in Enumclaw, WA

Toby is well-behaved sweetheart who is looking for a special home for his golden years where he can enjoy a balance between the activities that he loves and the care that he needs.

Must haves for Toby include a human who gives good belly rubs and understands that good boys like him deserve high quality dog food and treats (within reason) for training and being cute. One of his hobbies is chewing on bully sticks and other appropriate chews, which keeps him quite busy and satisfied. He also loves to play fetch with his ball and go for walks – his tail never stops wagging and he walks nicely without pulling.

Though Toby still has a good amount of pep and energy, he does have a grade 5-heart murmur. While this will limit his lifespan somewhat, it’s just all the more reason to give him the best life possible! 

If you’d like to be considered for his family, please email rescue coordinator Natalie Gromoff-Hiatt at 


Charlie in Dallas, TX

Charlie is a sweet little 1 year old boy who has stolen the heart of his foster Mom. Charlie was owner surrendered by someone who loved him and wanted him to get the help he needed for his anxiety issues.

Charlie is looking for a quiet home and someone to show him lots of love and patience as he learns to trust humans. He would do best in a home that is all female and home most of the day. He will also need the companionship of at least one young Cavalier who is just as playful as him. He seems to be comforted by the presence of the Cavaliers in his foster home. He can often be found snuggled up in a dog bed with one of them.  

If you are a loving person that has the patience to work with this sweet boy, please  email Diane Theofanis at theofanisd2@gmail.comto express your interest. 

Henry in Centerton, AR

Handsome Henry was found as a stray wandering the streets of a small town in Arkansas. The shelter asked one of their volunteers to foster him. He is about 3-years-old and weighs a petite 16 pounds. 

While his foster mom does not know anything about his background; he was found dirty, skinny, and flea infested. It’s possible he ran away from a backyard breeder or was released on the streets from a puppy mill. 

His foster Mom has a pet sitting business taking care of small dogs in her home and Henry has enjoyed making new friends. He loves to wrestle and play keep away with the other dogs. Henry will bark when excited about dinner or someone coming into the house.

Henry must be adopted to a home with no small children because of his previous history of resource guarding when around small children. He prefers to play inside with his toys and enjoys walks. 

If you live within a reasonable driving distance from Centerton, Arkansas and are interested, please email local Rescue Coordinator Adrienne Forsythe at 
aforsy02@gmail.com and let her know of your interest.

Levi in Athens, TN

Levi is a sweet, cuddly and fun-loving tri-colored Cavalier that is about 9-years-old. He is a snuggle bug and is perfectly content sitting by his companion’s side, but when it’s time to go out to play or walk he is completely in the game! All you have to do is talk to Levi and his tail takes off wagging like crazy. He is a happy, happy dog who acts much younger that his age. 

He gets along great with other dogs and cats. Levi seems to absolutely love his foster parents’ cat! Levi will groom the cat’s ears and head while lying next to him. So if you are looking for a cat-washer, Levi might be your guy!

Levi is a type 1 diabetic and requires 2 shots a day of Vetsulin. When Levi arrived, his sugar levels were unregulated but he is now at a perfect dose. Levi now looks and acts healthier. He will require periodic vet visits to monitor sugar levels.

Due to the diabetes, he has cataracts/glaucoma and his vision is poor. His first night at his foster home he followed his Cavalier buddies outside and around the home till he figured out the layout. Once he learns his surroundings, he functions well. At night or in low light conditions he may forget where he is but quickly adjusts. He is potty trained and does very well even going out in the rain, but when his sugar levels are elevated he will have to go outside more often.

If you live within a reasonable distance of Athens, Tennessee and are interested in adopting Levi, please email the TN Coordinator, Liz Nigh at lizanigh@gmail.com so she knows of your interest.


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