20 Tips For Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tear Stain Removal

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If you have a Cavalier in your home, chances are you're pretty familiar with the dreaded tear stains. In our home, we call it "eye juice" (ew...I know). It's stinky, it's messy and stains when rubbed up against furniture, it doesn't look cute, and most importantly it probably isn't too comfortable for our pooches to have sitting on their fluffy little faces. Not to mention - it could be a heads up that there's a more serious issue at hand.

When I'm in need of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel tips, I look no further than the amazing CavLife community. I asked followers for solutions they've tried and would recommend to others, and they totally came through. 

Check out ways other Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owners clean and prevent tear stains under their pup's eyes below!

***Note: The opinions and recommendations below are not made by veterinary professionals. As always, please do your own research and/or consult with your vet before making changes.***

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tear Stains

"There are heaps of things to try. Addressing the core issue is probably better than a cover up. Diet and water are a huge factor, filtered/fresh water and a fresh diet help a lot of people. Wiping/washing your dogs face on a regular basis can help clear already stained eyes and prevent further stains." - @three_spaniels_

"We feed a fresh, raw diet for health and this prevents tear staining."
- @Blacklashcavaliers

"Two blueberries a day keeps the staining away! And they taste good too 😋"
- @RiverTheRuby

"Filtered water from a stainless steel bowl, fresh blueberries everyday, clean with cooled boiled water and brush around eyes with a tear stain comb 🙂 seems to be helping our rescue pup so far ❤️" - @GizmoTheKingCharles

"Getting grains out of Jerry’s diet!" - @LittleJerryBoy

"Angel Eyes powder. Luna won’t eat it if I sprinkle it on her food so I mix it with a teaspoon of cottage cheese everyone morning. She loves it. She has no stains. It’s all natural. Sold on Amazon If you can’t find in a pet store. I’ve tried everything but this is only thing that works. Treat from inside out."
- @KristyPavo

"A little warm water and saline solution!" - @Anyabananya21

"Cooled chamomile tea" - @HannahRobertsJournalist

"Acidulous mineral water on cotton pads! After a while a simple tissue helps too, when they weep 😉" - @Cavlife_of_Mia

"I wipe with cooled boiled water and he does also have blueberries everyday." - @ChristineSpears68

"We like pogi wipes and can also give a few blueberries a day for babes with very bad stains/production." - @TheLadiesOfLex

"Blueberry facial by Tropiclean 🧖‍♀️🐶" - @Kari_Marleni

"A few blueberries with breakfast every day, wipe under eye with wet pad then smear a little coconut oil under the eyes. Also bottled water in a metal or ceramic bowl, not plastic." - @BlenheimCavs

"Filtered water!" - @Juliaratliff

"A vitamin B complex daily 😊. It prevents excessive tears so there is no need to remove the stains 😌" - @TheHouseofCavaliers

Make sure your Cavie doesn’t need a dental cleaning. Bad bacteria can cause the dark around the lip part of the mouth as well." - @TellmeCathy

"Filtered Water! I just use my Brita water jug. And my Cavalier likes it because it’s chilled!" - @KateMagsamen

"Use a drop of Colloidal Silver on cotton pad. Swish - gone 😍" - @KenzoCav

"My pawrents stopped feeding me chicken/chicken flavored food and it helped a lot!" - @JamesonTheCav

"I feel like wearing super cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel t-shirts always helps. I get mine here!" 

Have you tried something that works for your Cav? Leave a comment below!

***Note: The opinions and recommendations above are not made by veterinary professionals. As always, please do your own research and/or consult with your vet before making changes***

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  • Wow, it’s really interesting to learn that feeding dogs blueberries can help reduce the risk of tear stains on dogs. I’m planning to adopt my sister’s dog and I want to remove his tear stains once it gets here. I’m going to try your recommendations, as well as look for a wipe that I can use for it. https://angelseyesonline.com/product/angels-eyes-natural-soft-chews/

    Claire Masters on

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