19 Things To Do In Quarantine With Your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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Life is definitely different these days, but we hope the tails in your home are still wagging strong! Let's all continue to do our part in flattening the curve and #StayHome. Why wouldn't we when we've got these little fluff-faced nuggets to hang with??

Here are some ideas to keep you and your Cav(s) busy...

( PAWSOME collaboration photo by: @littlelunathecavalier, @edgar.and.pacane, @henrythesmol, @cavdashians, @miss_lady_the_cav, @herkythecavalier, @Romeo_the_tricolor, @littlejerryboy, @cutecosmo_thecavalier, @boris.king.charles, @cavalierpixel, @thebasicflower)

1. Share a favorite snack! Keyword = share


2. Practice the art of multitasking


3. Re-arrange the refrigerator



4. Experiment with a new look


5. Make some well-balanced diet goals



6. Watch everything on Netflix


7. Make a list of all the places you're going to visit after
this is over



8. Take a stroll around a new block



9. Catch up on the laundry


10. Practice your barista skills


11. #Selfcare



 12. Get a workout in! But also, snacks...



13. Hang by driveway and meet some new neighbors!@bensongrahamcavs

14. Discover a new favorite place to nap


15. Whip up some home made dog treats with Wagadō! Just add water + oil to bake up a batch of healthy cookies for the pups. Check it out on bakeforyourdog.com, and save 20% off your order with code CAVLIFE.


16. Re-decorate!


17. Dust off the board games


18. Have a photo shoot! Dress up and put the self-timer function on your iPhone to good use..



19. Check out the Cav swag on Cavlife.com 

Hang in there, Cav fam! We're all in this together 😘




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  • These photos are adorable, Brought a smile to my face during this difficult time. Cavs are so beautiful! When a Cav looks at you with their large, dark eyes, it just makes my heart melt! Thanks for sharing these awesome photos!

    Margaret Jannace on

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