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Have you been considering adding to your fluff pack? Ever think about adopting? There are thousands of Cavs across the globe searching for their furever homes. 

Rescuing one of these little wigglybutt smoochie faces will change your life just as much as you'll change theirs. Scroll through and have a peek at some love bugs with Cavalier Rescue USA and Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue that caught our eye.

****** Please contact Cavalier Rescue USA or Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue  with any questions ******

Meet Chewy, the sweetest, most loving tri-color cavalier you’ll ever meet. Chewy came from an owner who could no longer take care of him due to health reasons.
He is a big-hearted, affectionate 10 year old boy. He loves spending time with his foster family. He gets excited to play fetch, loves to snuggle, and take walks. He eats well, is crate trained, great on a leash, and is always excited to meet other people and other pups.

Charlie is an incredibly sweet and loving little “Velcro” pup that his looking for his forever family. Charlie is a 9-year old Blenheim male that loves to curl up right next to you and will follow you throughout the house as he loves to be always be with his people.

His greatest joy in life is getting to snuggle and love on his humans. He will sweetly give you kisses on your arm, goose you with his nose just to say hi, and will adorably nudge your hand to keep up with the belly and head rubs.
This is Willow. She's an incredibly sweet, beautiful little Blenheim pup who was born on 11/10/17. She is a smart inquisitive little girl that wants to be loved and is not afraid to take on any obstacle. She is full of life, very active and very inquisitive.
Willow loves her toys and annoying her foster sisters with her puppy playfulness. She was surrendered when her young owner was going through some personal problems and could not afford to keep her any longer.

Caramel in New England

Caramel is a handsome 12-year-old Blenheim boy with lots of energy and no health issues - none! He came into rescue because his family didn't have enough time for him due to some life changes.
Even though he is 12, he has lots of energy and really doesn't act his age. He loves to cuddle and snooze, take long walks, and run around in his back yard. 

Darcy in Millstadt, IL

Meet Darcy, a sweet and loving 7-year old Blenheim Cavalier. This sweet girl came to Cavalier Rescue USA when her owner could no longer care for her. Darcy, like most Cavaliers, loves following her foster mom around the house anywhere she goes. She gets very excited when her foster mom comes home and jumps up and down (just a little) and barks excitedly.  She is outgoing with other dogs, likes hanging out and playing with her Cavalier foster sister, and loves chasing the cat around. She was a big hit at a recent Cavalier outing and socialized with the other dogs well!

Mindy in Michigan

Mindy is just adorable! She loves to snuggle up on her foster mom’s lap and follows her wherever she goes.  Mindy also loves to cuddle up with the foster dogs she lives with. She barks very little. She is more confident now but needs time to gain trust. Mindy is working on being 100% house trained and making lots of progress. Mindy does not like crates and would love to sleep in the big bed like she does at her foster home. 

Camille in Minnesota

Camille is a sweet 4 year old Cavalier who is new to rescue. She is shy when meeting new people, but follows the cues of her foster siblings and cautiously comes up to get attention from visitors. It only took her a couple days to figure out how to use the doggie steps so she could join her new friends up on the loveseat. When outside, she will also use the 4 deck steps or the ramp. She is still getting used to the grass and is working on her house breaking. Camille not only enjoys learning from and cuddling with her 4 new Cavalier friends, but she is also very good with the resident cats.

Annie in Michigan

Meet Annie! Annie is a beautiful 7 year old blenheim. She came from a breeding facility and had litters of puppies before coming into rescue. Annie is a bit shy, but loves to sit on the couch and watch the activity in her foster family’s home. She shows her happiness with a wagging tail. During her time with her foster family, she has started to play with toys and interact with her cavalier foster brother and sisters.

Teddy in Pennsylvania 

Please donate to help Teddy get the surgery he needs! This pup is only 3 years old, yet has bad knees and hips. The surgeon hopes that by fixing Teddy's knees, his hips will be much less of an issue and he can live a normal life. Currently, he has pain and mobility issues, so truly needs this surgery. Donate here

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  • I had 3 cavaliers. I have one left and looking for another. My other 2 passed at age 12 and 13. They are such loves. I would never get another breed. I will always have a cavalier. I am interested in Willow but live in Houston, Texas. What are the fees and do you fly them to a home?

    Denise Richardson on
  • So interested in adopting. What is the next step?

    Sharan chambliss on
  • I would love to have one but I live in the uk

    Helen wilkins on
  • hello from the island of Oahu….Hawaii. my cavalier was 16yrs old when he passed on in yr 2009. my husband is still mourning. i would love to have another cavalier…… but must wait until my husband is ready.

    audrey salvador on
  • I’ll take them all!!!

    Meredith Abber on

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