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Have you been considering adding to your fluff pack? Ever think about adopting? There are thousands of Cavs across the globe searching for their furever homes. The lucky ones have ended up in the hands of Cavalier King Charles rescue organizations where they're being cared for by some pretty fantastic humans until their new #CavDad and/or #CavMom come to take them home.  

What’s in it for you? Everything. Rescuing one of these little wigglybutt smoochie faces will change your life just as much as you'll change theirs. Scroll through and have a peek at some love bugs with Cavalier Rescue USA that caught our eye. 

Hershey in Dallas, TX

This sweet little girl 11 pound, 9 month old black and tan Cavalier born 6/18/16. She's a healthy pup and up to date on all vaccinations. She loves cuddle and take long naps on the sofa, and is a lover of the outdoors.

Max in Austin, TX

Max is an active fun-loving 5-year old male looking for his person. He melts in your hands with any affection shown. Max came to the rescue after his owners had to suddenly move out of the country. He was well cared for and loved by his former family.

Lacey in Boulder, CO

Lacey is an adorable, gentle, cuddly 10-year-old Tri-Color girl with the sweetest personality! Lacey currently lives with her foster mom, dad and four Cavalier brothers and sister in Boulder, Colorado.  Lacey gets along very well with her foster brothers and sister, but her favorite thing to do is cuddle on foster mom or dad’s lap.

 Charley in Green Valley, AZ

Charley is a sweet and loving boy. He is 11 years old, but acts much younger. Due to severe dental disease, Charley has no teeth. Once again, that does not stop him from enjoying his kibble softened with a little water.

Tinkerbell in Mount Vermon, IL

Tinkerbell is an 8-year-old Blenheim girl who was surrendered by a breeder to Cavalier Rescue. She is a shy, quiet dog who loves everyone and loves to be patted, but when things are quiet, she curls up in her dog bed for a nap. She cannot jump up on the furniture; but if her foster mom picks her up, she likes to stay and cuddle up.

Rusty in Charlottesville, VA

Meet Rusty! He loves toys, meeting new people and long walks in the park. He's an energetic, 5 month old Blenheim born October 16th. His first family took really good care of me, but they were older and he was a bit too rambunctious for them, so they decided rescue would be the best option for me to find the perfect home. He's looking for an active family with plenty of time and patience to help me grow into a perfect gentleman. 

Lucky in Raleigh, NC

Please meet the handsome, charming Lucky! He is a 5 year old Ruby boy who came into rescue because his previous owner became ill and couldn't care for him. Lucky is a bundle of happiness who loves long walks and playing with his Cavalier foster siblings. He is looking for the perfect family and a forever, loving home!

Beckham in Green Valley, AZ

Beckham is a sweet 10-year-old pup with a Dutch Boy look. He loves to be with his people, but enjoys sleeping by himself on the couch or chair. A nice dog bed is always a good idea also. He likes to go for short walks, explore the back yard, and eat! To slow the eating process he has a compartmented bowl. If the other dogs eat too slow that is an open invitation for Beckham to help them, despite his only having 4 teeth.

Rusty in Santa Ynez, CA

Behold Big Red, aka Rusty, one of the larger Cavaliers you will meet, and surely the sweetest and most gentle. Rusty is a mellow fellow and, like all Cavaliers, is happy to go with the flow of your routine and lifestyle. Since arriving at his foster home, Rusty has been making friends with every species he meets. Rusty is also making great progress in moving to his targeted weight. True to the breed, Rusty loves to be with his people and follows his foster mom down to the barn each day to supervise the feeding and grooming of the horses. 

Winston in Torrance, CA

Meet Winston, an utterly charming 8-year-old Cavalier, whose cheerful disposition surmounts the obstacles that life has put in his way. Winston is seeking a very special home, with a family who will nurture and cherish him and provide the care that is essential to his continuing good health. In return, he promises to be your charming and loving companion and repay his debts in devotion and gentle kisses.


See a pup that would make the perfect addition to your pack? Please submit an application to Cavalier Rescue USA!

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  • All of these are too far away for me…I hope they get their happy homes.

    Sharon on
  • Hi! Has Tinkerbell from Mt Vernon, IL been adopted?

    Becky McClellan on
  • We really want to talk about Tinker Bell, please! We have an 8 year old Cavacon (Bentley) and he would like some lil person to hang with.
    We are a Loving and Needy Couple for the other kind of Humans

    Dan Friend on
  • Lacey looks just precious but we live so far away in Louisiana. We have a 10 year old Cavalier girl. I pray she finds the perfect loving home, along with the others.

    Leslie C. on
  • Interested in Rusty

    Denise McMillan on

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