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Have you been considering adding to your fluff pack? Ever think about adopting? There are thousands of Cavs across the globe searching for their furever homes. 

Rescuing one of these little wigglybutt smoochie faces will change your life just as much as you'll change theirs. Scroll through and have a peek at some love bugs with Cavalier Rescue USA that caught our eye.

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****** Please contact Cavalier Rescue USA with any questions ******

Reva in Fallston, MD

Reva is a 6 year old Cavalier King Charles mix. She was a breeder dog, but went to Cavalier Rescue USA as an owner surrender. She has transitioned easily into her foster family. She is as sweet as can be, and wants nothing more than to be your constant companion. She gets along well with all three of her foster siblings. She constantly looks to them for support, comfort, and guidance. In her forever home it would be ideal for her to be with at least one small dog. 

Prince in Charlotte, NC

Been searching for your Prince Charming? Well look no further! This is Prince, a 10 year young Ruby Cavalier. Yes, most of the time he has this smile on his face!
Prince is a spunky little redhead who has really blossomed since coming into foster care. His toy of choice is small sized tennis balls that he will either entertain himself with or will happily engage with you in a game of fetch. He seems to always have a smile on his face and will adorably give you a little tap with a paw when he wants your attention and affection. He LOVES to watch tv and make comments on the show - favorites include: The Walking Dead (zombies), Game of Thrones (the dragons), Cartoons, Animal Planet, and anything that has either a dog or a horse in it!

Brighton in Houston, TX

Meet the debonair chap, Brighton! His sweet face will melt your heart. Brighton has had a rough start in life, but his heart is filled with love and happiness.
At some point in his past, Brighton suffered a fracture to his tail (sacrum) permanently damaging the nerves that control his bladder and bowel. The good news is that Brighton has no mobility issues and he is not in any pain. He runs, jumps and plays just like any other dog. He does require a higher level of care due to incontinence, but we truly believe he deserves a chance to live a normal life.

Esther is approximately 5 years old and is a very sweet girl. On occasion, Esther likes to ‘hunt’ and will sniff out mole trails or ‘tree’ a squirrel and she is persistent! She likes to be outside and learned to use a doggy door very quickly. She will ‘sit’ for her meals, but is very excited to get her food!

Lily in Houston, TX

Meet Lily, our dainty little girl who is looking for a forever home. Lily was loved and well cared for by her previous owner, but sadly they can no longer keep her, due to their health issues. Lily finds herself in need of a retirement home where she can feel loved and pampered!  

Lily has a sweet disposition and gets along great with the other dogs in her foster home. She is friendly with strangers and has been fine with the foster mom’s grandchildren who visit. She is very quiet and we’ve only heard her bark once when she was really excited!

Emma in Houston, TX

Emma was surrendered by her owner who could no longer care for her. At 14 years old, she is in remarkable health. We have her medical history and she has been examined by our vet. No heart murmur was detected, although she has a slight arrhythmia which is of no concern at this time. Despite regular dentals, Emma has very few teeth remaining, but that doesn’t stop her from eating small kibble or treats. Her hearing and vision are good, with some age apprropriate blueness of the lens. She is a petite little gal at 13 lbs.

Ellie Mae in Fort Collins, CO

Meet Ellie Mae, an adorable seven-year-old girl. She is sweet, loving and gentle, the quintessential companion dog! Her tail wags almost constantly. She loves to be around her foster family and if the whole family is in the same room, life couldn't be better for her.

Ellie and Sparrow in West Linn, OR

Ellie and Sparrow are the very best of girlfriends. These 7-year-old girls are not from the same parents but have grown up together as sisters since they were puppies and are a bonded pair. They’ll surely melt your heart with their big brown eyes. 

As most girlfriends do, they love sunbathing together on the patio, riding in the car, playing fetch, playing in the yard, hanging out wherever you are, and they absolutely love going on walks. The dogs are great companions with one another. Where one goes, the other surely follows.

Beckham in San Diego, CA

Beckham is a wonderful, snuggly, adorable, quirky guy; he loves to eat grass, barks at dogs he doesn't know (but not Cavaliers!). He trots along with a bounce in his step on walks, makes little chirpy cries like a bird when he's anxious. He follows his foster mom everywhere, stares lovingly in her eyes and she says he is totally lovable. Beckham is friendly with everyone. He loves other dogs. He does well riding in the car. Beckham is a perfect little gentleman.


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  • I’m looking to adopt please contact if needed thx

    thomas riordan on
  • How old isBeckham…do you have vet records…house trained? We have a 3-year old tri-color now and are considering a partner for Katie…we live in Rancho Bernardo…we have Cavaliers in the neighborhood that would be great for Beckham if he is socialized with people and other dogs.

    Ron Smith on
  • Our 8 month female Cav would love a buddy. Any in NC?

    Morgan Gainor on
  • Hi. We have two beautiful Cavs and would be more than happy to open our home to a third one. San Diego, CA. Thank you.

    Angel on
  • So happy to see the age of this little girl best of luck

    Janice primos on

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