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I am absolutely obsessed with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels - and if you've made it to this site, chances are you're a Cavaholic, too. Their endearing disposition, love-sponge nature, and quirky personalities are what first got me hooked. Add in the fluff and strong desire to snuggle + chill, and you literally have the perfect pup. Extra bonus? They're just as in love with us as we are with them.

It wasn't long after adding Daphne and Chez to my pack that I began to realize the entirely unique lifestyle that Cavaliers embrace.  They are masters of comfort, radiate royalty, and ever so sweetly cast you under a spell to spoil them rotten (guilty). I thought to myself "what a life the 'cav' life is", and the rest is history. I whipped out my iPhone right then and there, created an Instagram and FaceBook account, and began building a community of Cav lovers from around the globe.

I encourage you to use the CavLife pages to meet new Cav buddies, learn more about the breed, and share stories and photos of your own pups. A couple rules, though:

  • Be your true Cav-loving self whether that means talking in your dog voice 50% of the day, or sharing an ice-cream cone with your smushy-faced fluff nugget.
  • Embrace the dog hair on your yoga pants.
  • Always give your Cav what he/she/they ask for.
  • When you mingle with other Cav owners, don't hold back. It's perfectly normal to have an entire conversation about grinch feet, cavitude, and wiggly butts - in fact, I encourage it.
  • Let your friends and family know that all you will ever want for birthday, holiday, or "just because" gifts are conveniently located on www.cavlife.com

Welcome to the pack! I'm so glad you're here.

Smooches to your pooches!

Tess, Daphne, and Chez

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  • I just discovered this site. I have my first Cavalier. She is now 17 months and the joy of my home. Her name is Hazel Louise. That name is a compromise among my grandchildren who named her. I may start looking for a sibling for her. . .and me. Looking forward to exploring your site.

    Ann Anderson on
  • We have our first Cav who is 6 months old. His name is Wilson and he is a tri-color! Oh my, he is such a joy! I have watched these adorable little dogs on dog shows, and I now have one! Love him to death I totally agree with everything Cav that people say! What a joyful little dog!

    Vicki on
  • My little Cavalier is now 10 years old, and I love her more than ever. You are quite right about there personality. My Sylvia will cry at the smallest things and is such a drama queen!! She is happy with the smallest things. Thankyou for your delightful site!

    Teresameyer on
  • I found your list of reasons about Cavaliers being the best dogs & l can’t wait to show it to my husband. He kind of made fun about how I wanted a Cav pup couple of years ago, but now he is equally smitten by our little Chelsea! I am also obsessed looking at their photos & thinking about a second one.

    Vivien Quinn on
  • Love you Tess, Daphne and Chez!

    Alyssa, Bentley & Bode on

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