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Unless you've been living under the biggest, most clueless rock EVER, you're well aware that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is in fact the most snuggly-faced love nugget breed of all time. Here's a list to prove it.

1. They only judge you when you truly deserve it.
"mom, get yourself together. you've literally been wearing those yoga pants all week."

2. They're the cutest fluffin' creatures on planet earth. Period.
"bet i can melt your heart in 3...2...got ya." - @cav.of.tasha

3. They're all about that chill life.
"not going to work today. went yesterday." - @olliemaggieharleycavs

4. People won't look at you funny if you collect them.
"we're getting another brother???" - @gretaknowsbest

5. They can pull off any bow tie. Any place. Any time. 
"fetch my trousers, hooman." - @piperandpierretheckcs

6. No early wakeup calls. They've mastered the art of sleeping in. 
"Zzzzzz" - @busybodybiscuit

7. They're photogenic as fluff.
"be sure to get my yacht's good side." - @bertie_theseadog

8. You have a lot in common.
"pass the bath bomb." - @winston_the_cavalier

9. Traveling with a Cav is a breeze.
"there are no snacks. you promised there'd be snacks." - @ladytakesmanhattan

10. They make coming home the best part of every day.
"ohmygodimissedyousomuchyouarethebestmomeverithoughtyouwerenevercomingback"- @juleshough

11. There's a whole bunch of swag dedicated to cavaholics on www.cavlife.com.
"love the shirt, but it pulls too many chicks." - @tuxthekingpup's #cavdad

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  • Sheldon is my 1 year 2 month old male Blenheim Cavalier. I dreamed of having him for more than 10 years! He sleeps like a champ all night and even naps during the day. He is so playful and funny! He loves running in our backyard and is beautiful in the sunlight. He is my buddy and I’m blessed to have the privilege to be his dog mom! ❤️🐶

    Diana E. on
  • Throughout our lifetime , my spouse and I have had the following breeds: Labrador Retriever, Cairn Terrier, Pug, Basset Hound, French Bulldog, Labradoodle, Maltese, Dalmatian & Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Some were short-term fosters, some adopted late-in-life, several we had as puppies through their entire lifetime. Usually, we’re had two dogs at a time. Although we’ve truly loved every single one of our dogs, NONE HAS TOUCHED OUR HEARTS AS DEEPLY AS THE CAVALIER. We’ve been blessed to share life with 5 Cavaliers and found them to consistently be the most loving, adaptive, gentle, happy, friendly, flexible, affectionate and easy to live with of all the breeds for whom we’ve cared. I sincerely hope I’ll have a Cavalier by my side when I leave this beautiful earth & you can be sure he/she will be lovingly provided for in my will. I’ve found that Cavaliers are as happy to be part of an active family with school-aged children as they are to snuggle beside a senior (ie; me) as I read, sew etc. But it’s their emotional bond with people (strangers included) that is so compelling to me. Some of The most precious memories I have from my 66 years of life are those moments shared with our Cavaliers.

    Joan Zatorski on
  • My husband and I enjoyed the comment about “Dutch” and his stink eye. Our Daisy, two years old, gives us the “stink eye” every day. She is the sweetest Blenheim and follows me around the house, even to the bathroom. She immediately flops over on her back for “tum tums.” The look she gives us when we are off to bed breaks my heart every night. She cocks her little head to the left as if to say, “why are you leaving me?” I have a sense that she will end up in bed with us in the near future.

    Maureen Porter on
  • We have 2 beautiful pups. Lucy is our 10 year old Ruby. She is super sweet and we love her. She is a lazy Cav and never barks. My 7 month old Hunter is a love bug Blenheim. Won’t leave my side. Plays with toys and balls. Funny both love to sleep high on furniture around our necks. Hunter is the alpha and barks a ton. Not used to that. But his sweetness makes up for it. I will always get Cavaliers! Best breed for this chick!

    Judy Thomas on
  • I have had cavaliers since 1990. In 2009, I imported a bitch from a top UK breeder to start my own breeding program. After taking my $5000, she stopped responding to emails. I bred her 4 times to 3 different dogs and no puppies. I had her checked out and she was infertile. NEVER EVER IMPORT A DOG.
    The experience has turned me off Cavaliers and dogs.

    Gale on

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