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Unless you've been living under the biggest, most clueless rock EVER, you're well aware that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is in fact the most snuggly-faced love nugget breed of all time. Here's a list to prove it.

1. They only judge you when you truly deserve it.
"mom, get yourself together. you've literally been wearing those yoga pants all week."

2. They're the cutest fluffin' creatures on planet earth. Period.
"bet i can melt your heart in 3...2...got ya." - @cav.of.tasha

3. They're all about that chill life.
"not going to work today. went yesterday." - @olliemaggieharleycavs

4. People won't look at you funny if you collect them.
"we're getting another brother???" - @gretaknowsbest

5. They can pull off any bow tie. Any place. Any time. 
"fetch my trousers, hooman." - @piperandpierretheckcs

6. No early wakeup calls. They've mastered the art of sleeping in. 
"Zzzzzz" - @busybodybiscuit

7. They're photogenic as fluff.
"be sure to get my yacht's good side." - @bertie_theseadog

8. You have a lot in common.
"pass the bath bomb." - @winston_the_cavalier

9. Traveling with a Cav is a breeze.
"there are no snacks. you promised there'd be snacks." - @ladytakesmanhattan

10. They make coming home the best part of every day.
"ohmygodimissedyousomuchyouarethebestmomeverithoughtyouwerenevercomingback"- @juleshough

11. There's a whole bunch of swag dedicated to cavaholics on www.cavlife.com.
"love the shirt, but it pulls too many chicks." - @tuxthekingpup's #cavdad

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  • I live in RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. I would love to adopt an adult female Cavilier. I’m recently retired from the school system a d would love to have a sweet Cavilier that could go with me everywhere. It sounds like most Cavies want to be with their new adult friend? My last dog was a sweet Maltese/poodle and I miss her so much. Sadie was attached to my hip and went everywhere with me. I have grieved for her for about 6 months. My family feels its time to move on. After reading about all the wonderful breeds, I feel there is a sweet CAVIE waiting for me.

  • My girl Chloe is in her fourth yr…love her to bits! Got her at 8 weeks and 6 months later I was diagnoised with cancer…she was with me through everything and never left my side…such a good loyal companion. 😍😊😊❤

    Sheree on
  • I have the most beautiful cavi in the world..(of course) a treasured gift from my sons… Darcy Brandon Wentworth…my lovely Ruby treasure!!!

    Angela on
  • They are the sweetest dog. They make your heart melt. One passed away a year ago. I have only one now.

    Sheila on
  • Cavaliers are the best dogs, and I’m not just saying that. This is objective fact. I have had three over the course of my life. All of them were and are the most loving, affectionate, loyal little furry people in the world. My current cavie is named Shaylee. She sleeps like a teddy bear in my arms all night long. No dog is more skilled at cuddling than a Cavie. Why does anyone own anything other than a Cavie? I don’t understand it; they are the only dogs for me. They give me hope that there is goodness, grace, joy, and kindness in the world. If only people would learn to be a little bit more like Cavaliers! Shaylee loves to take walks in a field near the public tennis courts because she sniffs out stray tennis balls and carries them all the way home. She has a basket of about forty now, her treasure. They do the silliest things. They sleep on their backs. They spin around in circles when they see you. They follow you everywhere. If you cannot afford a puppy, contact a breeder and offer to adopt a retired adult. All Cavies all ages make loving perfect pets, and it’s not like you can get a bad one. They are universally loving, loyal best friends! They were developed to be the ultimate companion for royalty, and they are exactly that.

    Em Norris on

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