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Unless you've been living under the biggest, most clueless rock EVER, you're well aware that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is in fact the most snuggly-faced love nugget breed of all time. Here's a list to prove it.

1. They only judge you when you truly deserve it.
"mom, get yourself together. you've literally been wearing those yoga pants all week."

2. They're the cutest fluffin' creatures on planet earth. Period.
"bet i can melt your heart in 3...2...got ya." - @cav.of.tasha

3. They're all about that chill life.
"not going to work today. went yesterday." - @olliemaggieharleycavs

4. People won't look at you funny if you collect them.
"we're getting another brother???" - @gretaknowsbest

5. They can pull off any bow tie. Any place. Any time. 
"fetch my trousers, hooman." - @piperandpierretheckcs

6. No early wakeup calls. They've mastered the art of sleeping in. 
"Zzzzzz" - @busybodybiscuit

7. They're photogenic as fluff.
"be sure to get my yacht's good side." - @bertie_theseadog

8. You have a lot in common.
"pass the bath bomb." - @winston_the_cavalier

9. Traveling with a Cav is a breeze.
"there are no snacks. you promised there'd be snacks." - @ladytakesmanhattan

10. They make coming home the best part of every day.
"ohmygodimissedyousomuchyouarethebestmomeverithoughtyouwerenevercomingback"- @juleshough

11. There's a whole bunch of swag dedicated to cavaholics on www.cavlife.com.
"love the shirt, but it pulls too many chicks." - @tuxthekingpup's #cavdad

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  • I’ve had the privilege of enjoying many canine companions over my life time…But it was my Rosie, a tri-color CKCS that was exemplary above all other breeds (even of those within her own breed).

    I just lost my beloved Rosie of 12 years (10 days ago). She was my constant companion; she went to work with me, shopped, played, and spent many hours just laying on my lap for cuddles.
    A Cavalier’s life isn’t long enough – their only draw back…
    I look foward to the day when the pain and void are replaced with all the happy memories of our time together…till then, it’s just tough without her.

    Lorrie on
  • I have a 3 1/2 month old, Willie. Ilove him to death, One problem Im having a hard time house breakinng. I think maybe I’m asking to much. When I talk to other dog owners they all have a story of how there dog was tained in 2 weeks or 3 weeks. I don’t know weather to believe it or not. Any tips? are boys harder to tain than girls? What ever, and how ever long it takes I very dedicated.

    Annmarie Mackay on
  • My gorgeous tri Chester has just turned 10, and is still as energetic as he was when he was little. He is the love of my life I can’t imagine not having him around,I would love to have one of every colour

    Tess on
  • My look Luke is my best part of everyday. My Holden’s where great dogs but my blemish 4 year old cav has been the most loving dog I been lucky to have in my life.

    Tracy Walters on
  • I was raised with a cocker spaniel and have always been a spaniel fan. Never heard of a Cavalier King Charles until years later. Now I have 3 and my oldest is 14. She has always been the sweetest dog but I’m sure she came from a puppy mill. ( another story). Although I’m sure her start in life wasn’t the best, we got her at 2 months old and she has given us 14 years of pure love and joy. But I couldn’t stop there so we now have a 6 year old ( both Blenheims) and an 18 month old Black&Tan. They want to please mommy and daddy so they are easy to train. Some health issues but still THE best breed!

    Lindi on

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