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Have you been considering adding to your fluff pack? Ever think about adopting? There are thousands of Cavs across the globe searching for their furever homes. The lucky ones have ended up in the hands of Cavalier King Charles rescue organizations where they're being cared for by some pretty fantastic humans until their new #CavDad and/or #CavMom come to take them home.  

What’s in it for you? Everything. Rescuing one of these little wigglybutt smoochie faces will change your life just as much as you'll change theirs. Scroll through and have a peek at some love bugs with Cavalier Rescue USA that caught our eye. 

Jasper in Overland Park, KS

Say hello to Jasper, a happy and highly affectionate 8-year-old Tri-Color boy. His original owner released him to Cavalier Rescue because of unexpected personal circumstances. Jasper was loved, well cared for, and has a great personality. Jasper is even a certified Pet Therapy dog! Read more about him here

Johnnie in Stamford, CT

Johnnie spent a lot of time alone while he was growing up. His owner, a single mom, worked a full day and didn’t have much time for him when she got home. She hadn’t noticed when he developed symptoms of diabetes. After his illness became apparent, the owner left him at a vet’s office with permission to euthanize. Knowing his condition was treatable, the vet’s office thankfully called our rescue group. Read more about this little nugget here.

Sally in Las Vegas, NV

Sally is a girl with a heart of gold who loves everything and everyone. She is gentle and also very well behaved. She loves the company of other dogs and people. We are told she is fine with cats as well. Sally is looking for a family to provide a stable home and give her a chance to enjoy her senior years, despite her medical issues. Read more about this little muffin here.
Kiana in Murfreesboro, TN

Meet Kiana, a petite Blenheim girl who is almost 2 years old and weighs in at about 13 pounds. She was an owner surrender whose new living arrangements did not allow for dogs. Kiana is up to date on vaccinations, is heartworm negative, microchipped and recently spayed. During her spay, a small hernia was found and repaired. A minor heart murmur was detected but not a health threat, and seems in very good health. Read all about this little sweetie here.

Reggie and Sammy in Santa Clara, CA

Life’s a walk in the park with these two handsome Tri-Color brothers, Reggie and Sammy! Reggie (right) and Sammy (left) grew up together in the same litter and are the best of friends. They came to the rescue after their elderly owner passed away. Both boys have a clean bill of health, love long walks in the park, and will spend most of their days cuddled up with you on the couch or in your lap. Read allllll about these fluff monsters here.

Freckles and Smudge in Tulsa, OK

Another pair of Tri's! Meet Freckles and Smudge. They got lost one day, or maybe were let loose. Cavalier Rescue USA really tried to find the former owner for weeks, but were unsuccessful. They are very close to each other and are probably father and son or brothers from different litters. The vet thinks they are likely around 2 and 3 years old. Read all about these knuckle heads here.

Dolly in Houston, TX

Dolly Doodle is as cute as a bug! This petite girl had a rough start in life, but she has a happy, playful personality. Now 2 years old, she suffered a stroke when she was 6 months old which affected the left side of her body. She has made remarkable progress since then and you can barely tell that she had neurological damage. Read all about this little fluffy princess here


Finnegan in Woodland Hills, CA

Finnegan is equal parts sweet and sassy, full of swagger, and ready for lots of adventures! He is always the first one at the door to greet anyone! Fin’s favorite place is in the middle of the couch, even better when shared with a pal on their lap. Rolling on the carpet and belly rubs make him smile. Going for a ride? Finn is your valiant co-pilot and fellow adventurer. There's more to learn about this stud. Click here.


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  • I would love to adopt. I live in Michigan and I’m always told I live too far away. I would never want them shipped to me, but I would drive quite a distance to get one. I have two cavs now, and they are the center of our lives.

    Jan oltman on
  • Send some to Minnesota. They’ll be adopted in a day. We just don’t have Cav rescues here. Been seeking one for years.

    Linda Zelm on
  • We would love to give one of these beauties a forever home!

    Jennifer Clark on

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